Art Inspired Field Trips for Kids and Teens – Sunday’s at 9am


Kids and Teens

TVG   |  48 min   |  2022

About the Show

Award winning educator and guest on the Drew Berrymore Show, Candace Greene, brings art inspired field trips to the screen.  This weekly show is produced for students of all ages to learn more about the local arts in the Phoenix Valley.  

From museums and art galleries, to art installations and dance/musical performances, Art is a Trip covers it all.  Ms. Greene, along with three teenage co-hosts, visit a new location each week to learn all about art, current and past.  Created and presented specifically for kids and teens, Art is a Trip will be a Sunday morning staple for your family every week.


Show Trailer – 01


Host – Candace Greene, Hanna Allen, Luke Chester, Elizabeth Blair

Director – Chris Weir

Technical Director – Jeff Weir

Camera Operators – Bill River, Corey Arnold

Producer – Bobb Cooper, Catrina Kahler, Brian Dowling