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Local Sports show hosted by Joe Pequeno.


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TV14   |  24 min   |  2022

About the Show

The Joe Pequeno Show is hosted by Emmy Award Winning Sports Journalist Joe Pequeno.  Joe covers sports at all levels from around the Valley, including in-depth analysis, exclusive interviews, special features, and much more.

Joe goes where no other local sports journalists go.  He brings a high energy, fun, and entertaining perspective to the Phoenix Valley’s local sports scene.  From youth, high school, college, semi-pro, pro, and everything in between.  If it’s sports, you’ll hear about it on The Joe Pequeno Show.



Host – Joe Pequeno

Field Reporters – Kevin Derryberry, Jackson Groff

Director – Chris Weir

Technical Director – Jeff Weir

Producer – Brian Dowling

Camera Operators – Bill River, Cory Arnold, Eddie Kulesza, Bess Valdez