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Everything you need to know about buying, selling,
or refinancing your home.  Cindy Hallas talks with
weekly guests with the insights.
Business Talk • TV-14

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Business Talk, Advice, Interviews

TV-14   |  1 hr | 2023

About the Show

The Mortgage Hour is hosted by one of Phoenix, AZ’s most prestigious and well known mortgage brokers, Cindy Hallas.  With over two decades of experience, Cindy discusses all things home buying, selling, refinancing, home improvements, credit repair, and so much more.

Your home is likely the single largest investment you’ll ever make.  Cindy and her weekly guests of industry experts walk you through the maze of home financing and ownership.


Host – Cindy Hallas

Senior Producer – Bess Valdez

Director – Chris Weir

Camera Operators – Jeff Weir, Isaias Jackson, Jr.

Production Assistants – McKenna Franz, Cole Hatfield

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